Deluxe Cleaning cleaners are trained to follow a unique cleaning system, which is designed to produce consistently excellent results. We have carried out extensive time and motion research studies to find the most effective way of cleaning a home. According to our research, each home is divided into 3 different coloured zones, each zone has a distinct number of steps to be used along with the zone’s corresponding products to ensure hygiene, efficiency and consistency. This System is a proven step-by-step system which has professionalism at its core, and is designed to achieve excellent standards every time.


Delux Cleaning has more than 24 years of experience, working with multinational companies as well as small independent businesses.Key component of a modern, effective organisation is providing a clean office environment. Cleanliness is of a paramount importance to a company’s brand persona and client perception. It also has a major role to play in terms employees health and well-being. It can directly influence productivity through the prevention of absences from work..!Our cleaning requirements includes frequency, depth of cleanliness, time of cleaning.



Increased Productivity:


From race meets to corporate events, huge festivals and everything in between, no matter how big your event, our cleaning teams are available all year round..!We provide uniformed teams for small medium and large scale events, with cleaning before, during and after the event, covering bars, catering areas, marquees, trade stands, toilets, welfare facilities and back of the house areas as well as litter picking and waste disposal. All our work is carried out with S.O.P exacting standards.Events can generate high traffic and require a deep but fast clean ensuring that the venue can return to normal in the shortest time possible and we do just that!

We are experts in:


Whatever your event or attendee size, whether it’s a national trade show, music festival, corporate hospitality, conference or sporting event, we’ve the experience and capability to manage your cleaning and waste requirementsWe’re ready to discuss your event cleaning needs, when you require free site survey and want a reputable, reliable cleaning services for your event..don’twait get in touch with us today!


Property managers looking for reliable cleaning companies to service their properties with respect to the cleaning of communal areas including entrances, stairs, lifts and corridors on a weekly or daily programme just ping us now..look no further! We take in large residential blocks, student halls of residence, serviced offices. We include internal & external window cleaning, periodic carpet cleaning, cleaning of communal areas and where required floor polishing. We don’t only do internal but we also arrange for the bin areas to be kept clean and tidy and any parking areas to be kept clean and litter free.


Communal areas are kept clean and it’s utmost important for any property management. Not only to give good impression or to welcome residence or office, it also reduces the need for frequent maintenance further down the line


Delux cleaning are flexible, transparent, honest and we offer high standard service. We have excellent track record with high profile clients.Our services are suited to your requirements. We offer a free site survey, so if you’re interested in finding out how we can help you why not get in touch..!

End of Lease Cleaning

Delux Cleaning provide high-quality end of lease cleaning that minimise the stress of relocating whether it is upsizing, downsizing or relocation. Every commercial property type has different cleaning requirements such as to be completed on time, on budget, be ready for leasing and etc.End of lease cleaning requires a deep clean approach to ensure that the premises can be returned to the landlord in the condition set out in the lease agreement.We’ll ensure that things get done quickly and thoroughly to avoid breaching obligations with the landlord

End of Lease Cleaning Service includes:

Moving out of business premises is usually a delicate operation and may involve numerous service providers being on site at the same time. It’s delicate and most complex cleaning service.


Ensuring a consistently safe, hygienic and clean space for leisure members. Understanding what is expected of a leisure facilities to be expertly maintained is utmost importance else people will simply take their business elsewhere.Whatever facilities it is, it’s presentation will have a direct influence on customer retention and your bottom line, so it’s vital to make sure that it looks sufficiently attractive for people to visit regularly.We do all types of leisure, fitness, gym, class spaces, swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms, changing/locker rooms, showers and toilets, storage spaces, reception area and corridors.

Leisure Cleaning can include:

Manufacturing Cleaning

Whether you have a manufacturing plant, factory or distribution centre, these types of industrial facilities are often the most challenging environments to keep clean and safe.
Manufacturing goods, assembly lines or processing one product into another creates issues for cleanliness, hygiene and Health & Safety. With implementation of rigorous health and safety standards in industrial cleaning solution in all environment you’ll need to look no more!

We are experts in:

We adhere to your requirements, developing a deep cleaning process that mitigates disruption to your operations whilst achieving the result!



Industrial deep cleaning helps avoid insurances being invalidated or unnecessary enforced closure of your premise due to health and safety regulation breaches.

High & low level specialist

Ensuring the entire work space is free from cobweb, dust and debris which can become a fire hazard and a risk to the health and safety of your employee. Get in touch with us today – we’d love to hear from you.


We offer client-centric management approach, coupled with an outstanding professional cleaning team and competitive pricing structure that delivers value for money. Today, hospitality businesses are balancing a very tight budget, Delux Cleaning’s 24 years of experience with Restaurants, Pubs and Bars, we can provide a very cost efficient cleaning service according to individual requirements, frequency & circumstances.



Quality and perception of a shopping centre is dependent on it’s cleanliness and standards. We can carry out weekly, monthly, quarterly or periodic cleaning of escalators no matter where in Malaysia, and this is just one of the services that we have to offer.We understand how important it is to minimise disruption in a busy shopping centre, and to ensure the public experience is a positive one. We work for building contractors and shopfitters refurbishing concourse areas in shopping centres.Daily cleaning maybe required to areas affected by dust and in need of sparkle clean before handover!It’s Delux Cleaning’s speciality on High Level cleaning to atriums, glass facades to elevators, and other hard to access areas.


We aim to provide a tailored service to all our clients and we can design a cleaning to suit your individual requirements, frequency and circumstance. Get in touch with us today –we’d love to hear from you!


It is critical to ensure your retail space is clean and safe though you’re never shut and high footfall.Large retailers and grocers choose us because of our comprehensive super market oriented cleaning services specialising in the complex cleaning such as high level cleaning, Moving, Walkways or simply the fact that our teams are likely to be cleaning alongside your customers for a 24/7 environment. It is a fiercely competitive marketplace and it goes without saying that customers don’t and won’t shop in and unclean supermarket.



Warehouse & Distribution Centres operates around the clock 365 days without fail and as a reliable cleaning partner with over 24 years of experience –we can assist you with your goal.We understand the nuances of the spaces and their specific cleanliness, hygiene, grease or health & safety requirements and challenges in Warehouse cleaning. We cover everything from racking and mezzanines to offices, pantry, kitchens and washrooms. Including building exterior, high-level guttering, roofs, windows and skylights.Regular warehouse cleaning leads to greater operational efficiency. Clean warehouse environments help foster better employee health and wellbeing, which boosts productivity through the prevention of accident or illness-related absences from work.



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