Delux Cleaning Sdn Bhd has more than 15 years’ experience in specialty cleaning throughout Malaysia and our dedicated team understands the nuances which come with various types of specialty cleaning. We work with companies of all sizes across numerous industries, from sole traders to multinational corporations.

Our extensive and highly professional services include:


In Accordance with MOH Guidelines

S.O.P we follow:


Eliminating bacteria, viruses in the air and on surface reducing the risk of transmission of diseases and illness –catering for a healthier and safer environment.


Specialist kitchen and duct-work cleaning for large restaurants, pubs and other commercial food preparation areas nationwide.We have worked in all types of catering environments from pop-up food stalls to fast food outlets, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools and universities, colleges.We are proud to be of services to a number of high profile clients year after year. Our customer retention is high because we offer value for money with a reliable and honest service, achieving results every time.We ensure that your kitchen are spotless and we provide professional ducting and extracting system cleaning so that your kitchen stays cleaner longer.Our cleaners are mobilised quickly and efficiently and we work at hours convenience to minimise downtime, so we won’t be in your way when kitchen is at it’s busiest.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Includes:


Being one of our core services working with partners Nationwide, we carry out high-level cleaning for clients in industrial production and storage areas, factories, distribution centres, food production, laboratories and more.Our specialist equipment enables us to complete high-level cleaning from floor level using sky vacs and carbon fibre extension.Health & Safety compliance in high-level cleaning –we understand that working from a height has it’s obvious dangers, so it’s vital to always abide by safety practices when carrying out jobs several storeys up from the ground. We work to strict health and safety guidelines

Industrial Cleaning

Our cleaning services speaks for itself nationwide and we have earned a
reputation as one of the country’s most reliable and trusted industrial
cleaning companies, with a range of services from degreasing hard floors
to cleaning ducts and cladding. Delux Cleaning have been trusted to
carry out highly specialized industrial cleaning projects for some of
the market leaders in manufacturing, logistics, food production, medical
research, laboratories.

Clients come to us with challenging problems that have delayed or halted production and resulted in an expensive loss for the organization. Industrial production lines are susceptible to contaminants that can pose a health hazard in the event of food production, or a quality issue in for instance a paint shop for automotive. Dust can gather on roof girders and become airborne through ventilation and fans, causing it to fall on production lines. High level cleaning in a busy factory requires an experienced team and careful planning. We work carefully with factory managers to minimize disruption to production and ensure the safety of staff, visitors and our cleaning operatives.

We are highly versatile industrial cleaning contractors –we believe in investing in our staff, as they shape the success of our company. Our training includes the safe use of industrial cleaning equipment such as scrubber driers, rotary buffers, steam cleaners and pressure washers.

Industrial Cleaning Services Includes:


We are reliable and flexible and can react quickly to fast-changing circumstances. We are well versed in adhering to strict deadlines in working with various trades on numerous sites simultaneously nationwide.We work to exceptionally high cleaning standards, so you can rest assured that when the time to handover comes, our clients will be impressed with the quality of our work.

Why Delux Cleaning for Construction Cleaning:


We able to carry out decontamination cleaning using ULV fogging equipment and industry recommended disinfectant. This service is particularly useful for schools, care homes and medical centres where there has been an outbreak of viral or bacteria.We carry out daily cleaning to GP, medical, dental, cosmetic and healthcare centres and surgeries as well as veterinary, therapy centres and more. We provide specialist cleaning services for contamination and sanitation cleaning requirements, including Emergency Cleaning Services.

Why Delux Cleaning for clinical Cleaning:


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