If you are looking for A-class carpet cleaning for an office or a commercial space, then you are in luck – Delux Cleaning Sdn Bhd has exactly that. Our family-run company has been in the cleaning industry since 2001. We know just how important it is to have clean carpets in the office, your commercial or industrial building. We have the means to do the job to the highest standard without any problem whatsoever.


The secret behind our success lies with proven methods and solutions that leave no trace of unclean carpet areas on your premises. You can bet that we will not miss a spot when performing the clean. In that sense, we will take the time to move around all furniture pieces (when not in use) in order to address to address the carpet area underneath.

We will then proceed to give the carpet a thorough clean, be it a wet or a dry one. Wet cleaning involves steam and water, and is generally a great way to address the grit within the carpet fibres. Over time, dust and dirt gets embedded deep within the fabric. The steam and specially formulated cleaning products of our experts will get it out with ease. In case you have delicate carpets that do not tolerate water, we will utilise dry cleaning techniques that use no moisture.

Worry not if you are unsure which method is better to use for your carpets. Our experts will do an initial assessment of the area and the carpets you have there and they will outline the best options for you. We will never recommend a cleaning method that could harm your carpet in any way.


Our goal is to help any business out there, whether it be with carpet cleaning or some other service. In particular, we have greatly developed our carpet cleaning portfolio over the years to include cleaning for a diverse set of clients. Contact us when you need us to address the job in:

  • Offices

  • Industrial buildings

  • Schools

  • Hotels

  • Commercial buildings

  • Accommodation

  • Retail spaces

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      We are pet friendly cleaners as your pet is a valued member of your family.


      Your time is important to us. We provide always on time cleaning service.

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